Re-Imagining the Church is a 9 month,
communal journey into missional incarnational
life in the kingdom that is rooted from and
an expression of the holistic gospel.
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10 Re-Imagining the Church Guidebooks
10 Fight Club Packs (Brochures/Cards)

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Fight Club Pack (Brochures/Summary Cards)
Fight Clubs are intimate gatherings for the purpose of living deeper into the holistic gospel. If you’re journeying through Re-Imagining the Church, you’ll need these before Chapter 3.
$10 per 10 PACK ($3 Shipping)

“Whenever the church lives into a holistic gospel, she brings life to all. But too often the church has become a religious industrial complex instead of a community of people shaped by the gospel who display a sustained faith, a stubborn hope and a sacrificial love. Scott Olson calls us to live into a rhythm of life together that seeks to resist the principalities and powers and communally embody the good news in the world for the sake of the world. This book will help you build a movement.”

JR Woodward, National Director, The V3 Church Planting Movement
Author: Creating and Missional Culture and The Church as Movement

“Scott is the real deal.  His passion for the church to be a mature, sent, loving people is contagious.  My friendship and comradeship with Scott has been a joy.  He practices what he preaches, lives out what he writes and embodies what he desires the church to become.  Scott is the kind of shepherd, leader and practitioner we need more of.”

Alan Briggs, Founder & Director, Front Range Church Planting
Author: Staying is the New Going and Guardrails

“Developing a healthy root system takes time, thoughtfulness, and tender loving care.  No matter if you are working with plants or people in churches, the same principles apply.  However, with people and churches, it is important to learn from those who have toiled long and hard as church planters and gardeners.  In Re-Imagining the Church, seasoned missional pastor Scott Olson provides you with a ground-breaking guidebook for cultivating and nourishing your church to bear much relational fruit.”

Paul Louis Metzger, Ph.D., Professor of Theology & Culture, Multnomah Biblical Seminary
Author: Consuming Jesus: Beyond Race and Class Divisions in a Consumer Church
Co-Author: Exploring Ecclesiology: an Evangelical and Ecumenical Introduction;

“If Moses was considered the ‘most humble man on the earth,’ Scott is a close second to that. During his seminary days, he served as one of my pastoral interns. I witnessed up close his godly humility in circumstances that for many would provoke anger and defensiveness. It’s out of that teachable spirit—forged in the crucible of life together in community—that Scott shares valuable insights that enable us to re-imagine the church through developing a healthy root system.”

David Stevens, Pastor, International Bible Church, Jurbise, Belgium
Instructor: African Pastoral Training Ministries serving in West Africa
Author: God’s New Humanity: A Biblical Theology of Multiethnicity for the Church

“I love rubbing shoulders with leaders. Some you have a connection with because of place or season in life. Others the connection is harder to describe in concrete terms. Scott is one of those guys I’ve always felt drawn to just because he is a leader with an uncommon heart. Wherever he has served and no matter the amount of time he has always brought a quality of heart and mission that was like a breath of fresh wind.”

Milan Homola, Co-Founder and Executive Director, Compassion Connect, Inc.

“For the past decade, I’ve come to deeply love and respect Scott Olson as I’ve observed his walk with Jesus and the impact he has on others for building Christ’s church. He models a mentor’s heart to share the gospel with unbelievers and equip believers to live the daily life of a disciple who makes disciples who make disciples. His love for Christ, the word of God and people is evident and has often been both an encouragement and challenge to my own walk with Christ. I count it a privilege to call Scott my friend, brother and co-laborer in the gospel.”

Paul Anderson, Founder and Executive Director, Skatechurch (

“There are all kinds of books on the market today, and sometimes it’s hard to choose because you don’t know the author or their character. This author I do know. Scott is one of the most outstanding men I know. He is upright, forthright, honest and an incredible leader. This book comes from his heart and his experience. A must read for every church!”

Cathe Wiese, Executive Director, My Father’s House, A Community Shelter, Inc.

“During the two years I knew Scott, I found in him an unusual combination of musical skill, of biblical understanding, of human mercy, and of service without reward. Although he had more practical experience than I in launching and leading simple churches, he was always willing to learn and to assess fresh perspectives. Whatever Scott writes comes from that kind of character.”

Galen Currah, DMiss, Church Planter, Trainer, Consultant, Editor (